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Bali Tour Service - Bali Diving Tour

We have a complete set of equipment with professional Dive Master/ or Dive

Bali Diving Tour, Driver BaliInstruction who will give you guidance, and keep you company in exploring the underwater world, with magnificent planktons and great variety of fishes and other sea animals. We are ready to accompany you to the well-known diving sites such as the Island of Menjangan, Tulamben, Amed, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Padang Bai, Gili Tapekong, Lovina and Nusa Dua.


Icluded in Diving :

  • Shuttle bus service Tanjung Benoa and your Hotel (hotel pick up and return).
  • Dive Master and Equipment.
  • A box of lunch.
  • Insurance

Diving in Bali, Bali Tour Service

We offer the exciting diving tour with selection of best spot diving in Bali with beautiful coral and colorful fish. It is very fun dive tour to explore the underwater world in the warm blue seawater. With the professional dive instructor, you will be guided into the wonderful experience to see the variety of colorful fish, beautiful coral under the clear water. There are several best spots diving available in Bali like Nusa Dua, Padang Bay, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Candidasa, Tulamben and Menjangan Island. We will bring you to the best choice of diving spot points and obtain the memorable experience on your life.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is the most popular diving centers which is located in south part of Bali Island. It offers the beautiful coral and variety of fish in not too deep location. It is ideally for the new divers or beginner to trek and experience the tropical atmosphere underwater. This spot diving is exactly located in Tanjung Benoa, just a step from Nusa Dua Bali where this place is to be a marine sport center in Bali.

Nusa Penida or Penida Island

Bali Dive Center Nusa Penida mean Penida Island is a beautiful island located in east of Bali. It is a small island with beautiful white sandy beaches offering the best spot diving in several locations. It is presenting the beautiful coral and colorful fish in the clear water to bring you to the unforgettable experience. This island is just 2 hours from Bali Island by boat and departs from Benoa harbour or Tanjung Benoa Diving Center.

Nusa Lembongan or Lembongan Island

It is a beautiful island located closes by the Nusa Penida or Penida Island however this island is smaller than Penida Island. This island offers the similar fascination for divers who wish to explore the beautiful tropical coral and fish. It owns the beautiful white sandy beach and to be a favorite tourist destinations or tourist sites in Bali. It is just 2 hours across by boat from Tanjung Benoa or Benoa Harbour.

Candidasa/Padang Bay

Candidasa/Padang Bay is located in the same area, in east part of Bali. These are right located in Karangasem regency, about 2 hours from Denpasar airport. These own the beautiful beach with interesting of dive spot points.

Amed and Tulamben

Amed and Tulamben are the popular diving spot point in Bali located in northeast of Bali Island. These places are just in the back side of mount Agung, the biggest mountain in Bali. These are just 2,5 hours driving from Bali’s International Airport to reach this place. Amed and Tulamben are offering the beautiful coral and colorful fish that will bring you the memorable experience

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is located in northwest of Bali Island. This island provides the beautiful coral and clear water that is ideally for diving tours. It is one of favorite diving spot points in Bali with variety of fish and colorful coral. Your diving tour will enjoyable and full of fun to explore this beautiful island. It is located 3 hours from Bali’s International Airport or 1,5 hours from Singaraja Town.


We offers you the competitive rates of diving tours in Bali by the best selection of diving spot points.

Dive Spot Point
Dive Time
Price per person
Minimum Booking
Nusa Dua
1 x time
US$ 55
1 person
Nusa Dua
2 x times
US$ 90
2 persons
Penida Island
2 x times
US$ 145
2 persons
Lembongan Island
2 x times
US$ 145
2 persons
2 x times
US$ 125
2 persons
Padang Bay
2 x times
US$ 125
2 persons
2 x times
US$ 130
2 persons
Menjangan Island
2 x times
US$ 145
2 persons

Prices are inclusive of:

  • 21% government tax and service charge
  • Two ways airport transfer
  • Diving gear
  • Professional Dive instructor
  • Lunch
  • Insurance

We offer more diving activities in Bali including diving course. It also provides the popular Marine Sport Activities to complete your holiday in Bali.

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