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Bali Daily Car Rental

We also offer you some types of car that you can rent. This is especially for them who would like to explore Bali by their own

Bali Daily Car Rental - Toyota Kijang KapsulToyota Kijang Kapsul

Rp 190,000 or US $ 19.00 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable.

The latest edition of family vehicle from Toyota with comfortable interior and it beautiful designed, AC and stereo Surfeit dependability 6-7 persons comfortably Power steering and performance

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Suzuki JimnyBali Car Rental - Suzuki Jimny

Rp. 85,000 or US $ 8.50 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable.

This is the recommend car when you are traveling only for 2 persons. Great for quick getaway's AC and stereo Perfect for surfeit couple, Excellent couple transportation, Power steering available

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Bali Daily Car Rental - Toyota AvanzaToyota Avanza

Rp. 175,000 or US $ 17.50 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable

It is almost has the same class and conditions with Daihatsu Taruna. But overall Avanza is better than Taruna. Fit with 7-8 passengers. 2 at the front, 3 in the middle and 3 at the back while Daihatsu Taruna is only fit with 5 passengers. driver bali, bali driver, driver, bali tour driver, bali transport
Better engine, comfortable space inside the car, though for far away riding in the country and also good while you only riding in the city. Cheer up your holiday with your friends or family together in this 8 passengers on cars.
The car available in light brown only. Stereo set, air conditioning is the standard feature in the car

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Bali Daily Car Rental - Toyota Kijangg Grand ExtraToyota Kijang (Grand Extra/1995)

Rp 140,000 or US $ 14.00 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable
A simple car for riding in town. Also the right choice if you want it to take you driving inside the country side. Equipped with air conditioning and Power steering and air conditioning. Fit with 4 - 5 persons inside.

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Bali Car Rental - Suzuki APVSuzuki APV - World Class MPV

Rp. 265,000 or US $ 26.50 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable

Rental car features: This car for 4-5 persons.

• Last addition of Suzuki Motors.
• Air-conditioning.
• Door child safety locks.
• Stereo cassette.
• Power steering & performance

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Daihatsu Taruna - Bali Daily Car RentalDaihatsu Taruna

Rp 200,000 or US $ 20.00 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable

A perfect transportation while you are in Bali. The mobility and the performance is the best at their class. It is an elegant-stylish car while you are driving around the city, but also though and comfortable when you drive. The car fit with 2 passengers at the front including driver, 3 passengers in the middle/back. Available in blue and silver colors. Equipped with air conditioning and stereo.
It is a car that very recommended for the renter, as the Car of The Month because it best discount price, a touring car and the though performance.

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Daihatsu Feroza - Car Rental BaliDaihatsu Feroza

Rp 100,000 or US $ 10.00 per day up to 3 days, the price is negotiable

It is gently appearance, strong and comfortable drive w

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