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Balinese Custom

Traditionally, Balinese dress themselves based on the situation, conditions and occasions. Formerly, in a traditional life, long ago, many men or women even children would not put any shirts on their upper body. The main reason for this is that before our Independence economic situation was not as good as now. Besides at that time Balinese had not get any influence from outside yet.

Now in modern times but still based on our original culture, Balinese have different kinds of customs. These offer visitors to experience Balinese customs. You can rent the customs and feel how it feels to be Balinese people.

1. Balinese Traditional Wedding Custome

Traditional Balinese CustomeBalinese Wedding Custome

2. Balinese Traditional Funeral Custome

Balinese Traditional Custome

3. Balinese Traditional Security Custome (Pecalang)

4. Balinese Traditional Dancers and Orchestra

Traditional Music Bali

Balinese DancingBalinese Dancing

5. Balinese Traditional Daily Custom

6. Balinese Traditional Noble Custom


7. Balinese traditional Temple Festival Dress

Traditional Temple Balinese

and so on.

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